The ChangeLight Community

"FEEL better so you can DO better."

Who We Are

We are an international community of people doing inner work that increases our power to feel good and do good.  By doing this "inner work for greater good", we are pioneering a new era of global well-being and leadership.

Our Mission

Our mission is to accelerate the healing of humanity and our planet.

What's Inside

1. Our FREE introductory course! 🌟

VideoWelcome! video from the FREE Course

The ChangeLight System™ is a complete system of personal development that teaches you:

  • your 3 types of inner struggles

  • your 3 types of inner strengths

  • your inner Guiding Star

  • how to heal your struggles and reveal your strengths

  • how to live the clarity, wisdom, and courage of your Truth

The ChangeLight System helps you quickly and easily:

  • clear mental and emotional distractions

  • navigate challenges and conflicts with greater clarity and ease

  • receive the counsel and wisdom of your highest self

  • focus on and achieve your visions and goals

Our FREE course is quick (just 45 minutes of video) and easy - enough for you to start getting results with the ChangeLight System!  You'll learn about the light and dark within you, as well as 2 simple techniques for "drawing out" your inner struggles and "honoring" your inner strengths!

2. Podcast Discussion 🤗

Have you been listening to our fascinating new podcast DARK LIGHT TRUTH?  Join us in the community where you can safely share your thoughts and feelings, as well as ask Emily questions to get her insights about what happened during a session!

3. Connections + Contacts 🤗

Connect with other passionate, impact-driven people in groups for the Causes you support, posting in the live feed and responding to others' posts, finding members with similar professions, filtering members by city, and direct messaging.

4. Encouragement + Inspiration 💪🏽

Scroll through quotes and stories that get you going, celebrate your and others' wins, share your mistakes and learn from others', receive words of wisdom from Emily, and watch  interviews with leaders and changemakers from around the world whose inner work has increased their power to do greater good.

5. "Hours" with Emily 📺

Watch videos to deepen your understanding and application of the ChangeLight System, while also getting massive doses of infectious encouragement from Emily!


Our #1 responsibility is to ensure that ChangeLight is a safe, supportive space for everyone.  With that in mind, below are our community guidelines, by which we expect all members to abide.  By logging onto the community, you are agreeing to these guidelines.  


  • Respect.  Healthy relationships require healthy boundaries.  Therefore, always communicate with courtesy, professionalism, and respect.  When in doubt, ask questions.  Listen without prejudice.  Seek to understand.  Be open and curious about others' viewpoints, and respectfully disagree when opinions do not align.  Never tell someone what to think nor how to feel.
  • Non-judgment.  Judgment is a poison that we far too often inflict on ourselves and others and is often what created our wounds in the first place.  We are all in different places in our lives and have different backgrounds and struggles.  What we all have in common is our commitment to doing inner work for greater good.  Everyone here is working to make themselves and our world better.  Therefore, in all of your interactions in this community, always err on the side of non-judgment.
  • Privacy.  Do not share anyone's personal posts, drawings, or other content without their written permission.  Respect everyone's privacy and personal information, just as you expect them to do for you.  If you desire to share a story or anecdote from the community with someone outside of the community, abide by the Chatham House Rule: "Participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed."  By abiding by this rule, we can all enjoy open discussions with one another, knowing that our identities and affiliations will be kept private.  


  • NO criticism of or personal attacks on anyone
  • NO defamatory remarks or false statements against anyone
  • NO hate speech, harassment, bullying, discrimination, inflammatory remarks, or other targeted attacks on anyone
  • NO soliciting, fundraising, or spamming of any kind
  • NO unauthorized use of content

By joining the ChangeLight Community, 

you agree to these guidelines.

Join us!